21st Jan. 2018
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Travel Alert  
Many countries including the U.S., U.K., Australia & Canada issue travel alerts so that their citizens could keep an up-to-date knowledge on political & other hassles they might face during a travel. Visitors of certain countries face more risks that others due to various bilateral, regional, religious, & economic conflicts. For example, American citizen have been warned against traveling Afghanistan, Kenya & Iraq among some others. Similarly, Westerners are asked to be careful while visiting Jammu & Kashmir region of India & Pakistan. China too is sensitive toward the Westerners traveling in Tibet with “Free Tibet” T-shirts. Travel alerts are also issued during the time of an epidemic outbreak in any country or region.

Hence, we ask you to heed to the travel advisory notices issued by your home country against traveling any foreign country. As far as Nepal is concerned, there had some travel advisory alerts against traveling Nepal during the Maoist insurgency period. However, now that the Maoists themselves have shunned the violent path & have been elected to the government in 2008 with a promise of welcoming a record one million tourists in 2011, we are confident to assure you that there are no any security threats for traveling in Nepal mountains. Certainly, there is some law & order problems in the southernmost part of Terai region of Nepal bordering with Nepal – but there have no any policies against foreigners traveling in Nepal. Hence, no country has issued any travel alerts against visiting Nepal.

As of now there is no any travel alerts against visiting Nepal. However, we encourage you to visit the detailed country specific information on Nepal issued by different countries. Click here to visit the country specific information on Nepal issued by the U.S. Department of State, here by the Australia Government, here by the U. K. Government, & here by Canadian Consular Affairs.
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