19th Feb. 2018
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Envioronmental Issues  
Nobody in Nepal doubts that tourism would have a favorable impact on Nepalese effort on improving their economy by interaction with global culture. However, it’s a sad fact that even the highest place of earth, the Mt. Everest, which the local Sherpas & Tibetans worship as their god, is now polluted by human waste. You might have seen the videos showing a newest peak of rubbish & waste materials near the Everest Base Camp. Similarly, rapid population growth has caused massive deforestation resulting in the extinction of rare wildlife species. On the other hand, tampering with the Himalayan ecosystem has raised concerns from neighboring counties like Bangladesh & India as well – for the largest rivers in the region flood causing innumerable damage to life & physical infrastructures.

It’s true that like the concept of development, environmental concerns were first expressed by the westerners who fell in love with the Himalayas. Not only the legendary Edmund Hillary, you might have seen the films showing scores of western tourists clearing the garbage of plastic bottles, empty cylinders, & even toilet papers that remain frozen in the high mountains. Ask anyone visiting Kathmandu in the 60s & compare with the environment of Kathmandu you are visiting these days. In fact, Nepalis are ashamed to welcome any Westerner friend in Kathmandu, owing to the city dwellers’ & government’s apathy toward environmental issues.

Hence, we can not pretend to give you lectures on environmental sciences. However, we request & expect that you’d make a positive impact by practicing & encouraging eco-friendly lifestyle.
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