19th Feb. 2018
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Tibet Introduction  
Culture & Customs
Tibetans are warm & compassionate people, and the seekers of spiritual pursuits Tibetan culture is overwhelmingly influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism – Buddhism with Tantric influences. Dancing is also an innate part of Tibetan culture.

Religion & Government:
Tibetan rulers in the past have been regulating the lives of Tibetan people through Buddhist theocracy. The general life of people is so inseparable from the religion they practice that even the communist government of in Beijing treats Tibet differently despite claiming to preserve the Tibetan traditions & culture despite the Dalai Lama’s accusation of “cultural genocide”.

Tibetan food includes Tsampa, Buttered tea, Beef & Mutton, Tibetan noodles, and Momos. Clothes: Tibetan national dress is called Chubas. Men wear traditional robes, and married women add distinctive aprons in their outfits. Most of the people in the urban areas have adopted the western clothes.

Tibetan traditionally practiced a rare form of polyandry in which a woman could have several husbands especially all the brothers of the family. Although the practice has dwindled after the Chinese regulation, many anthropologists believe the polyandry to be an economic measure practiced to prevent starvation.

Sky Burial (Death):
The land & wood being precious in Tibet, the funeral ceremony traditionally consisted of offering the dead flesh to the vultures. This type of funeral practice is also believed to have the spiritual belief on impermanence of human body & the death itself.
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