19th Feb. 2018
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India Introduction  

India is a huge country that covers the most part of the Indian continent. The Indian plate is a northern extension of the Indo-Austrailian plate. In fact, India was situated just at the east of the Madagascar some 90 million years ago. The tectonic journey northward ultimately made the Indian plate to collide with the Eurasia continent creating the highest range of the Himalayan mountains & the Tibetan plateau. The plate is still shifting northwards, resulting in the high siesmicity of region and still growing high mountains.

In the present day world map, the mainland India looks like a peninsula covered by the Arabian Sea in the west, the Bay of Bengal in the east, & the Indian Ocean in the south. The majestic Himalayas border India from the north. Politically, India shares its borders with Nepal on the north, Burma on the east, Sri Lanka on the south, Pakistan on the west, and Tibet, Bangladesh & Bhutan on northeast.

India’s makes a diverse geographical landscape: the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, Vindhyas on the Deccan plateau that divides central India, the great river basins of Brahmaputra, Indus, the Ganges, & Sutlej. India has 7,000 km of coastline, 14103 km of land boundary. The elevation varies in India from the lowest 0 m at the sea level to the height of world’s third tallest peak of Kanchenjunga at 8,598 m.

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